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Baking for you is: Linda;  
A driven, entrepreneur, and homesteader. Stay at home mother of 2 hardworking, intelligent boys and a trophy wife of James. Who is a hardworking active duty soldier stationed at Fort Knox working toward his 20 year retirement. I love to know what my family eats as I make most things from scratch! It may be extra work but the peace of mind is so worth it. From home baking that nourishes my family, making mass amounts for PTA fundraisers, SFRG fundraisers, church functions, to just feeding soldiers in my husbands motor pool, making people smile with my cooking has always brought me joy.

Our Soap Maker: David


Welcome to David's soap. As you have guessed my name is David. I started making soap about 2 years ago. I live in Elizabethtown and have now for 30+ years. I am retired from the Army served for 20 years. Yes a Vietnam veteran (2 years). Retired a few years ago after 23 years as a nurse. Served with the VA my last 10 years. Got started making soap just for something to do. My soap is made by me in my house. Everything I use in my soap is 100% all natural. There is no artificial anything. All the ingredients I use in my soap is listed on the back of each bar. Fragrances  used are essential oils or specifically  made for soap making. If you have any questions please let me know. Keep in mind though, a batch of soap, takes 6 weeks from start to finish. I hope you enjoy my soap.